CORESWITCH is a highly configurable system

CORESWITCH enables Communications Service Providers to lower IT costs by consolidating and eliminating redundant systems, utilizing distributed open source platforms, limiting the need to pay for expensive and time-consuming custom development and offering highly-scalable, reliable performance.

CORESWITCH is a highly configurable system that delivers the freedom to innovate without expensive bills for custom development or integration. It provides advanced functionality in the areas of pre-/post-pay VoIP billing support, taxation and scalability.

CORESWITCH is designed for premium performance and high scalability and reliability required by IP Telephony Service Providers who:

  • aim to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage
  • demand power and high reliability from their billing system
  • differentiate on a first-class customer service
  • plan for a full-scope VoIP business that includes all VoIP business models
  • enjoy rapid business development and have outgrown their current billing systems
  • have established a large customer base that needs to be segmented
  • expect rapid expansion of their VoIP businesses


  • Multiple business models
  • Distributed SIP solution
  • Complete Service Management Platform
  • Built to Handle Complexity
  • Scalability and Performance
  • Multi-currency and multilingual
  • Calling cards
  • Standard/Premium services
  • Cost and quality based routing
  • Referrals and Agents
  • Fraud Protection
  • Maximum versatility
  • Anytime, Anywhere administrator access
  • Customer self-care management
  • Vendor Independent
  • Modular and rapidly deployable


Multiple business models

The innovative architecture of CORESWITCH solution which implements and assigns multiple Service Plans to customers, allows operators to use one service management system employing a centralized database to streamline subscriber management across any number of services. In addition to supporting multiple services CORESWITCH also supports multiple business models.

CORESWITCH solution is therefore well suited for:

  1. Prepaid calling cards
  2. Postpaid residential and corporate accounts
  3. Wholesale origination/termination

Distributed SIP solution

CORESWITCH implements a distributed SIP server architecture allowing global operators to have local servers in different geographic regions serving local customers, with failover inside groups, thus saving bandwidth and increasing service availability.

Complete Service Management Platform

To achieve the flexibility required to rapidly launch new services and the carrier-grade scalability necessary to manage millions of subscribers, the CORESWITCH solution integrates network-facing functionality - Service Provisioning and Mediation - with a sophisticated rating and billing engine, to provide a complete Service Management Platform.

Built to Handle Complexity

Flexible billing features allow providers to quickly change service offerings or even adopt a completely new pricing structure. Billable items generated on an invoice can be either recurring or non-recurring charges, including equipment, services, telephony usage, maintenance, setup fees, etc. Additional information, such as credit limits, billing dates, payment due dates, markups, promotions, discounts, and taxes, can also be tracked in CORESWITCH.

Multi-currency and multilingual

CORESWITCH is a global system that handles the needs of multinational service providers, while supporting the local requirements of regional operators. CORESWITCH is multi-currency and multilingual and can be implemented anywhere to support any local currency and any diverse customer base.

Calling cards

CORESWITCH has real-time capabilities used to authenticate a session, confirm the existing balance, define session time based on service, rate the session, and deduct the cost of the transaction from the balance. This enables operators to realize the maximum amount of revenue from each connection without the worry of revenue leakage over time. Calling cards module works with Cisco gateways and Cisco`s RADIUS VSA compatible IVRs.

Standard/Premium services

In addition to standard services, operators can group their clients and terminating providers in order to define premium services for different quality/cost minded market segments.

Cost and quality based routing

CORESWITCH offers advanced routing capabilities that are based on customer’s group, cost, and ASR (Average seizure ratio) for specific destinations. Routing table is updated automatically (AutoLCR feature – cost or quality based) or can be manually adjusted.

Referrals and Agents

Referral system is included in the base system allowing operators to reward their customers that refer other customers with a predefined percent of the referred customer’s bills. Agents are similar with referrals except they do not use operator’s services, just refer customers and are rewarded for this.

Fraud Protection

In addition to logging and audit features, CORESWITCH allows operators to set session limits, alerting and maximum credit limits for accounts and end-users minimizing fraud attempts.

Maximum versatility

CORESWITCH succeeded to develop and evolve into an uniquely easy to use and maintain system totally configurable by web-interface. Its features, flexibility, capacity, speed and performance will allow you to provide almost any VoIP services you may think of.

Anytime, Anywhere administrator access

Administrators can experience total flexibility and accessibility with the complete web-based interface. Administrators have the ability to create accounts with multiple users, and generate reports and invoices on a scheduled or on-demand basis.

Customer self-care management

CORESWITCH provides a secure platform for service providers to take their business and operations to the Internet. CORESWITCH offers Internet-based functionality, including web self-care, with user notifications and feedback. It allows users to access their accounts via a secure HTTPS login using a standard web browser. After login, users may view their account history, end-users informations, invoices, make changes to their profile information, or consult the phone book.

Vendor Independent

CORESWITCH is not tied to any single vendor or technology. CORESWITCH is suitable for environments consisting simultaneously of many different network elements from a wide range of vendors.

Modular and rapidly deployable

CORESWITCH is unique in offering a modular and rapidly deployable solution, specifically applicable for legacy replacements, enabling comprehensive service and revenue assurance.

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