CORESWITCH provides flexibility

CORESWITCH provides the flexibility needed to define tariffs for new products, enabling deployment of market-driven services instantly. CORESWITCH open and flexible service environment and its straightforward interface allow services to be added, modified or enhanced on the spot, with no service disruption or additional development necessary. Using CORESWITCH, service providers can quickly bring new products and promotional packages to market, as well as smoothly modify existing ones.

CORESWITCH provides Web-based tools to analyze and respond to customer behavior and activity in real time. Web interfaces providing up-to-the-minute account information are available for both subscribers and customer service representatives. Customer self-care reduces operational costs, while giving subscribers the personalized online service they demand - at any time and from anywhere.

CORESWITCHhas been designed to adapt seamlessly to the evolution of network infrastructure. With CORESWITCH, service providers can work with multiple equipment vendors and add more servers with no downtime.

CORESWITCH is a comprehensive solution that includes call management and traffic analysis support systems for load monitoring and analyzing customer behavior, thereby maximizing utilization of network resources.

CORESWITCH is on the forefront of technology to enable companies better compete by focusing on new product features:

  • Maximum system scalability and stability
  • Reliable back-up for business operations
  • Empowered management decisions based on useful reports and statistics
  • Improved marketing and sales from trends and approaches derived from CORESWITCH business analytics
  • Personalized approach to your customers
  • Support
  • Absolute services flexibility with support for various pricing schemes and promotional strategies
  • Minimized risk for human errors
  • Fraud control
  • Easy Setup and Maintenance
  • Supports for various business models
  • Platform can be extended through additional modules to multi-services—voice, data and content—based billing
  • Limit expenses and churn by eliminating manual tasks and costly billing errors
  • increase overall ASR resulting in more minutes per customer, and increased customer satisfaction with quality based routing and service groups (standard/premium)
  • Improved profitability from improved operating efficiencies
  • Competitive advantage from flexible pricing options for subscribers
  • Improved customer satisfaction from a more positive customer service experience aided by reliable and accurate customer care and billing system
  • Reduced costs from optimized system infrastructure and improved productivity
  • Eliminated over-charging from intercarrier settlement controls
  • Modularity and scalability support rapid subscriber growth
  • Easy to use and easy to train
  • Full visibility on customer relationship history
  • Accurate and reliable invoicing with Internet bill presentment
  • Self-care and self-service service options
  • Best price/performance ratio in market

related features

Access to our technical services engineers within a guaranteed timeframe

Proactive engineering, with immediate feedback; network engineering and planning

Real-time monitoring of customer`s platform

Web access to technical documents


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