CORESWITCH is a comprehensive and complete solution

CORESWITCH billing and network management platform has proven its usability, security, and reliability. It has demonstrated its efficiency and effectiveness, minimizing the cost of operations and improving the value added of the companies that use it.

CORESWITCH is a comprehensive and complete solution, catering to the specialized needs of service providers. High on reliability, the product offers hooks to industry-leading gateways/gatekeepers and soft switches and scales to support the growth in business. CORESWITCH provides key mediation, rating and reporting functionality out-of-the-box, while keeping acquisition and maintenance costs low. The product’s ease-of-use and system administration features enable rapid deployment and upgrade.


CORESWITCH strong feature set adds new functionality to flexible billing requirements and includes the following:

  • Multiple business models
    • Prepaid calling cards
    • Postpaid residential and corporate accounts
    • Wholesale origination/termination
  • Distributed SIP solution
  • Flexible rating, charging and discounting options (peak/off-peak hours, holidays, repeating intervals)
  • Powerful billing engine (subscriptions, volume discounts, taxes, promotions)
  • Support for a variety of billing periods: weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually and custom
  • Promotions, special discounts and limited offers are billed, managed, renewed and terminated automatically
  • Ability to add custom or one-time fees for hardware, equipment setup, line installation, etc.
  • Unlimited number of pricing schemes and services can be maintained and billed.
  • Customized service configurations per plan. Multiple plans can be assigned to accounts.
  • Automatically suspends service for late payments and reactivates service when payment is received
  • Import/Export Rates directly from/to CSV files.
  • SIP and H323 billing in the same VoIP billing software
  • Fraud protection (credit and session limits with call cut off, logging, audit)
  • Blacklist - ANI (Caller ID) blocking for predefined number of bad attempts
  • Limit simultaneous sessions for each account
  • Restriction rules
  • Enhanced invoicing system with export for external accounting applications
  • Invoice generation (including PDF)
  • Automatic invoice dispatching via email with template customization.
  • Sub-accounts with consolidated invoices
  • Multi-currency and multi-language
  • Carrier Selection Code (CSC) support and special numbers definition (green numbers, DNIS, special 900)
  • Custom administrative taxes
  • Promotions, time-limited offers and special discounts
  • Referrals and Agents
  • User-friendly web-based interface
  • Customer self-care – CRM (ability of customers to view their account balance and call history on-line)
  • CRM initial password and password recovery system
  • Notification system for customers.
  • Service termination for customers with consolidated final invoice.
  • Key accounts definition for customer service operators
  • Useful reports (traffic distribution by prefix/zone, accounts not activated/terminated/without invoices)
  • User defined forward number
  • Redirects directly from user`s phone
  • Unlimited aliases that can be billed as extra numbers
  • Aliases for PINs (no PIN authentication nedded when calling from numbers defined as aliases)
  • Rechargeable PINs
  • Zone definition (group of prefixes) and summarization in invoices
  • Customizable rewrite rules with full digit manipulation
  • Enhanced troubleshooting tools with audit trails configuration
  • Proactive alerting system (auto notifying and scheduling)
  • Automatic backup system
  • Powerful routing system with manual and AutoLCR (cost or quality based)
  • Account management with global view and easier customer selection tool in administrative interface (by name, phone number or ID)
  • Phone book
  • Scalability, reliability and high availability (multiple server installations)
  • Supports any RADIUS compliant device
  • Timezone support per account for globally deployed networks
  • Provides operators with reliable data in a wide range of customizable reports (including graphical reports)
  • Statistics and monitoring with real-time counters (calls, minutes, registered equipments, active sessions, users, maximum simultaneous sessions)
  • NAT traversal solution - solves over 99% problems for users behind NAT.
  • Authentication log (can be enabled per customer) for easier troubleshooting.
  • Scratchpad for adding notes to accounts (problems solved, configuration issues and other informations).

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